WhatsApp Chatbot For Education

WhatsApp chatbot for education succours to enroll a course, to gather Study Resources, to track attendance, to get FAQ, to receive reminders, to update grades, to assist in learning languages, to attain career guidance. WhatsApp API is used in a variety of educational contexts to improve communication, student engagement, and administrative assistance.

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    Information and Enrolment of Any Course:

    WhatsApp API gives data about accessible courses, course timetables, requirements, and enlistment techniques. Through WhatsApp, students can interact with the bot to obtain information and enroll in courses.

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    Study Resources:

    WhatsApp chatbot for education offers review materials, practice tests, and correction tips to assist understudies with planning for tests. It can offer specific topic guidance and individualized study plans based on the needs of the student.

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    Attendance Tracking:

    This application helps educators in following the attendance by sending computerized messages to understudies and recording their reactions. This improves the management process participation and ensures accurate records.

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    This acts as an all-day supportive network, responding to as often as possible posed inquiries about school strategies, methods, grounds offices, or general requests. It can give moment reactions and direct understudies or staff to the proper assets when vital.

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    Reminders and Notifications:

    Students receive personalized timetables from this app, which also alerts them in upcoming classes, events, or extracurricular activities. This helps students keep track of their daily schedules and remain organized. Also this sends event notifications, important notifications, weather alerts, or emergency information to students, teachers, and parents.

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    Grade Updates:

    This platform sends grade updates to students/ guardians. It sends progress reports, including total grades, individual task scores, and criticism from educators.

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    Learning Assistance:

    This assists language learners in vocabulary lessons, grammar tips, pronunciation guides, and interactive language exercises. By talking to the bot, students can practice their language skills.

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    Career Guidance:

    This gives information about career paths, job opportunities, and university admissions. It offers guidance on selecting courses, preparing resumes, and conducting interviews, helping students make informed decisions about their future.

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